My 3 favorite topics

Peoples around me know that I am passionate about those three subjects. They are not the only things that I like to talk about – damn I would be boring – but they are without a doubt my favorite subjects of discussion and search on the web.


Findings about cameras, lenses, shooting I’ve made and image post processing, in fact, any ideas to get better photos. A lot of people have used my photos for their linkedin profiles and more on the art side I have sold a few of my photos. I don’t like to be locked into one style of photography, but portrait, street and nature photography are definitely my favorites.


Music is a huge in my life. I have worked as a professional guitarist and teacher for 10 years and never stopped enjoying playing and listening to it, after I changed my daily work to IT. I started also using MIDI with my ATARI 1040 (loaded with Cubase 1.5!) connected my Roland D10 and Yamaha TX81Z. The landscape of music has so much changed in 30 years, there is a lot to talk about.

Internet & Technology

This is where my geek side gets a lot of satisfaction and also where I have been able to get a decent job to pay up my bills.
What interests me is more how the technology today affects our everyday life than the latest technology trends because to be honest there is enough information on the web about all the latest modern toys. And frankly I don’t see a lot of real innovations that have changed significantly our lives since the smartphone. But hey, I’m a geek and there are no doubts that I will eventually talk about the latest trends.